sexta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2012

Luccas and me

I write to you because you don´t reply to my messages. I haven´t seen you for ages. Perhaps because until this moment you were hidden or could not be seen from where I stand. I can´t stand that. Talking isn´t always my scene and this doesn´t help much. Who helps? I am not a kind of person who wants to be different or extraordinary. I only wish I could be more sincere to you. I am not dishonest at all, but I feel like not being totally honest with you. It isn´t anything to do with money. Some quid can only build up empires. I do not want to build empires, to put myself into walls and wear black lies, I mean, ties. I would like to live in an open sort of place, where people would have an open mind. I am not saying equal beings if this means to you an open mind. This is different. Again, I am far from you. Many distractions. The sun invites us to an absurd life. It isn´t necessary to kill an arab as an algerian did. There are only few rules. This game is endless. There isn´t any language as it is proven how harmful a word can be. Just feelings and gestures. As you get older you loose some hair and, as a sort of reward, you get more experience, which is fair enough. You cannot always get the best of both worlds. Travelling towards a peaceful place where I left my soul. There, the past is a detail. The future is a fib. There is only the present, now. Now, I write to you this in order to invite you to find me in this place. If you think carefully, you might find me in no time. I hope to see you soon, Luccas.

3rd of October 2012.

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